the tea break series, with Paul Connerton

extract from January 31st 2016, at Browns, Cambridge

I talk about my recent project in Impington and introduce the issue of migration, Paul then mentions the work of Saskia Sassen.

P :  The reason I am interested in this if because I have been thinking a great deal recently about migration. I am writing a book about the durable and the ephemeral, it is projected as a four chapter book. One of the chapters, the third is called the inside and the outside and what I try to do in that is to do…. imagine a sort of line so that there is a left column and a right column. Now in both columns I am talking about the relation about the outside and the inside, however in the left column I talk about it in relation to the human body and in the right column I talk about it in relation to place, the biography of place and the morphology of place. … what has been described as the geography of exclusion in relation to travellers, gyspies, the to city walls, the I deal with frontiers and finally I deal with immigration in terms of outside and inside…..

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