the rural


The countryside which inspired Morris’ model of the Village Colleges is now a memory. Evacuees from London during the 2 world war or migrant workers from the region and overseas employed in the Chivers’ farm business since the 1930’s have all contributed to the expansion of Impington. As Judith Brown (Impington Librarian in charge of the historical archives) found: ‘Sept 1940 number on school roll 291 which included 17 evacuees rose quickly Oct 1940  362 inc. 82 evacuees. The population of the area Impington Village College served was about 10,000 (10 villages)’.

I became interested in knowing a bit more about these people whose lives and stories are very rarely discussed and difficult to locate in the archives. These tend to document other aspects of those times through stronger voices. I became interested in those empty spaces in social history, and decided to work on my artistic response by positioning them at the core of my work. This was done by experimenting with people’s relating to each other and the place, and making this relation tangible.

The notion of the rural is central to the workshop led by Rebecca Beinard on the 25th of October.

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