Workshop – GROPIUS’ IMPINGTON: Art and the Rural

Sunday, 25 October 2015 from 13:00 to 15:00 (GMT)

Bee Keeping Scan

The workshop led by Rebecca Beinart (Primary Nottingham) is an opportunity to discuss how nature and the rural can be articulated through art, and the ways that our cultural framing of nature changes the way we act upon it. It will focus on:

  • Changing cultural perceptions/cultural framings of Nature & the Rural – looking at artworks/texts and images from different times and places
  • How our understanding/framing of nature effects the way we behave within/upon it, including looking at texts, images, ‘natural’ objects
  • Thinking about catagorisation and the ways that different philosophies place humans at the centre of/outside of/within ‘Nature’

12122872_929396650483106_7661189438322238128_n 10261980_929396703816434_9058339688597135783_n 12065868_929396723816432_5930852833926339013_n 12189151_929396670483104_923939080695074115_n

This event is organised by rockfluid.  The project is funded through the Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England, supported by Impington Village College 75th Anniversary Festival, Cambridge Central Library Collections, Cambridge Festival of Ideas.  All money from ticket sales for this project will go towards the Gropius Restoration Appeal.

image credit:  Impington Village College Archives

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